XeroBlade: Chronicles 2 – Our Take

The wait has been long, but ‘ Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ‘ is already between us. This is the great Nintendo title for Christmas, and the expectation is very high after its previous deliveries (‘ Xenoblade Chronicles ‘ for Wii and ‘ Xenoblade Chronicles X ‘ for Wii U), both of the most brilliant games of their respective platforms.

The first analyses are being very positive, with stockings between 8 and 9 in most major sites. As usual, there is always some exception but we can be sure that the general impression that has been carried the means of this JRPG is mostly very positive. Soon we will have our analysis but in the meantime, we can take a look at what other media have to say about the game.

Nintendo’s specialized media are the ones who have best dealt with the title, with notes that do not fall from 9 at any time. For example, Nintendo Life gives you just this note, a 9, which adds that “it is a title that will not disappoint fans of the series, especially those who loved the original for Wii (or its version for New 3DS).” It has a new character roster a new world, with fresh and innovative ideas, but it’s still all mu familiar. “It’s MonolithSoft doing what he knows best.”

Others, like Nintendo World report go one step further and with their 95 declare that “‘ Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ‘ is one of the best JRPG of the generation and perhaps of all times.” Feel a Switch precedent that I doubt that will reach again, unless of course it is that MonolithSoft take a ‘ Xenoblade Chronicles X 2 ‘ before the generation is finished

Others have not been so benevolent. Sites like GameCrate and Stevivor qualify him with a 6 ‘ 5 and qualify him as “for a fan of Xenoblade like me, it is a disappointment.” It’s a frustrating but addictive disaster and it’s a game that only the most passionate lovers of the JRPG will enjoy, respectively.

Playstation Experience in 2017

What is the PlayStation Experience 2017 and when is the date?

PlayStation Experience is an event organized by Sony, which this year takes place on December 9th and 10th in Anaheim, California. So far all editions have taken place in the United States, in early December and shortly after the Game awards.

Visitors can try the latest news and demos that were normally reserved for fairs such as E3 or Gamescom, participate in tournaments – especially Capcom Cup 2017-, get some merchandising items or attend presentations of Developers of Sony itself or other publishers. This year, for example, a few lucky ones will be able to attend a dinner with industry personalities at dinner on December 8.


For players who do not have the opportunity to attend PlayStation Experience There is a reason to expect this date: the retransmission of news. This presentation will begin on December 8 at 20:00 (Pacific Time), in the morning of Friday to Saturday in Spain, at 5:00 AM (Peninsular time).

In this presentation Shawn Layden will update the information from the known games, there’ll be special guests and some surprises. Sony has made sure to lower expectations with this presentation, which is not expected to offer great news in terms of announcements – this year Ghost of Tsushima was announced in Paris games Week-, but trailers and dates are expected for projects that will begin to arrive At the beginning of 2018.


  • PlayStation VR

  • 20:00 hours (9 December)

A conversation between “two legends” about development and lessons learned with virtual reality.

  • Media Molecule Presents Dreams

  • 21:30 hours (9 December)

Siobhan Reddy, Mark Healey and Alex Evans along with a special guest will show in Depth dreams, the new of the creators of LittleBigPlanet.

  • 10 best 10 PlayStation Games selection

  • 23:00 hours (9 December)

The podcast Team Beyond will review the top ten games in PlayStation history.

  • Ghost of Tsushima: from concept to presentation

  • 0:30 hours (December 10)

Ghost of Tsushima is the new Sucker Punch-sagas infamous, Sly Cooper-, and Nate Fox (creative director), Jason Connell (art and creative director), Billy Harper (animation director) and Ryuhei Katami (Sony producer) will talk about how the trailer was made Presentation and inspiration to make the game. It will show conceptual art that reveals more of the tone of history and the locations that the team visited in Japan.

  • 10th anniversary of Uncharted

  • 2:00 hours (December 10)

Actors Nolan North, Emily Rose, Richard McGonagle, Claudia Black, Laura Bailey, Troy Baker, Graham McTavish and Robin-Atkin Downes will share their memories with the Uncharted saga, which in 2017 turns 10 years.

  • The Last of Us Part II: Meet the cast

  • 3:30 hours (December 10)

Naughty Dog will talk about the creation of the teaser of the Last of Us Part II seen in Paris games Week. The director and Gionist Neil Druckmann, the scriptwriter Halley Gross and other key members of the team will discuss the choice of actors, the capture of movements and more.

Confirmed games

Ghost of Tsushima

Sucker Punch announced his new project, something completely new after the infamous and Sly Raccoon sagas. This is Ghost of Tsushima, a game of action and stealth in an open world that is set in the Japanese island of Tsushima, in the midst of the Mongol invasion. A historical theme that promises a game of samurai with a budget never seen. You can learn more in our report.

If the first trailer showed us the history and some locations, it is to be expected that PlayStation Experience reveals more about its gameplay, combat system, stealth and exploration.


The project of Media Molecule, creators of LittleBigPlanet, was one of the first games to be shown with PlayStation 4, but the information of the game has come with dropper, and in recent months even began to arise doubts about its continuity between the Players. The study has promised that after losing E3, Gamescom and PGW, dreams will be present at the last event of the year.

The game will take beyond the editor seen in LBP, allowing to create everything we see in 3d worlds with a peculiar aesthetic to illustration. Will your beta be dated?

What we expect

Death stranding

Hideo Kojima’s project has many ballots to show material in the PlayStation Experience and/or the Game awards. It could be a mere sequence revealing a new character, part of its history – which describes by dark and surreal-or perhaps the first details of its gameplay.

In the last few days it has been known that the playable kernel is almost finished and is adjusted to the planned plan, although we still do not know its estimated launch date.

The Last of Us Part II

We didn’t expect to see material from the sequel of the Last of Us in Paris, but the sequence that reveals new characters – one of them is giving a lot to talk among fans – makes us think that PlayStation Experience could have new information from Ellie, Joel and the Game world, which seems to be – at least some parts of the action – takes place in Seattle.


The game of Insomniac Games is one of the most interesting games of the crawler in many years. It is planned for 2018 and little by little we must go knowing more of its history and enemies.

During Paris Games Week it was confirmed that play like Peter Parker and even Mary Jane Watson, deepening more in the human part of the superhero. We also saw the Kingpin and shocker for the first time, two of our opponents. In our advance we collected all the information.

God of War

It is expected to know the date of the new God of War soon, and PlayStation Experience is a good place to see more of this sequel that makes important changes in the gameplay, camera, exploration and storyline of the saga.

Kratos has abandoned Greek mythology and takes refuge in Norse mythology, has begun a new life and now has a son. This son at the moment does not have the combat capability of the Spartan general, and Kratos will have to teach him the combat arts as he tries to dominate the inner rage that has accompanied him all his life.

Days Gone

Announced last year, Bend Studio is working on its most ambitious game to date. Zombie action and survival in a wide world with dozens, hundreds of zombies that behave like a swarm.

Our protagonist and playable character in Days Gone, will be Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter who has lost everything and who must earn a living and live in this world infested with living dead.

To survive in Days Gone, the player will be able to make use of a high and varied number of weapons and objects in addition to his wits to combine these elements, and get out alive situations where the number of bullets is much less than the number of enemies to fight.

Shadow of the Colossus

Scheduled for February 7th, the remake of Shadow of the Colossus is one of Sony’s first titles for 2018.

It is true that there are no big surprises in the game-the same colossus of the original-but BluePoint should still show more material to draw the attention of those who lost the adventure on PS2 and PS3, or to give more reasons for a new game to those who already know N Adventure.

Great Sport Tourism

Great Sport tourism is already on sale, but now for many games that is not the point and end. Polyphony Digital has announced new vehicles, circuits and landscapes, but the most interesting in the short term is GT League, a mode something similar to the classic GT that many players had missed.

This update will be released in December, probably shortly after the PlayStation Experience.

Street Fighter V

No doubt PlayStation Experience has many ballots to be the place where Capcom announces its plans for the third season of Street Fighter V and promote arcade Edition with its main novelties, including arcade mode.

Several are the characters that have been rumored in the last few days. They are Sagat, Sakura, Cody, Sodom, Roxy and a Doll-Satsuki-. In addition, and free of charge for buyers of the original version, Crimson Viper, Necro and gold would be free. This is what is speculated. Will it be true?

Detroit: Become Human

QuanticDream’s new adventure will take us in 2018 to the near future, when robots are integrated into society. To what extent will that be a problem? No date was announced for the game during Paris games Week, but we did see a new demo. It’s another one of the games that should not stay long

Concrete Genie

Concrete Genie is a “minor” title for Sony Productions – it is developed by Pixel Opus – which combines adventure and action starring Ash, a boy who discovers that his creations and paintings can come to life thanks to a special utensil.

Thanks to DualShock 4 and its motion sensors we will give life to friendly monsters and creatures, giving unique decorations to the walls and walls of a ochre and grey city. This function is not only aesthetic, because it will help us solve puzzles and overcome various dangers.

Playlink Games

In recent months Sony has supported Playlink-social games, mystery or competitions that are played with mobile-with several proposals. To know is power, hidden intentions, Singstar celebration, it was you! They are the most recent, and in the future Erica arrives to us. We may know of some more projects.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World launches on consoles in January, so it seems obvious that Capcom will want to boost this best-selling at any opportunity. PlayStation Experience would allow to present a new demonstration with locations, creatures and gameplay.

This delivery allows us to hunt down giant creatures in a wild environment, either alone or with three hunters with a new, multiplayer system for collaborative drop-in between regions. It will keep the signs of identity, its system of creation and equipment to hunt monsters, while we improve our abilities. Resources can be used for upgrades and other equipment. Its gameplay makes it easy to explore the map without transitions, with a time cycle.

Yakuza 6

Yakuza 6: The Song of Life is not yakuza any: it is the end of the story of its protagonist. It also comes with a new graphics engine, more minigames and a lot of action. It is planned in the west by March 20. Will you seize the opportunity to announce Yakuza Kiwami 2 outside Japan?