XeroBlade: Chronicles 2 – Our Take

The wait has been long, but ‘ Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ‘ is already between us. This is the great Nintendo title for Christmas, and the expectation is very high after its previous deliveries (‘ Xenoblade Chronicles ‘ for Wii and ‘ Xenoblade Chronicles X ‘ for Wii U), both of the most brilliant games of their respective platforms.

The first analyses are being very positive, with stockings between 8 and 9 in most major sites. As usual, there is always some exception but we can be sure that the general impression that has been carried the means of this JRPG is mostly very positive. Soon we will have our analysis but in the meantime, we can take a look at what other media have to say about the game.

Nintendo’s specialized media are the ones who have best dealt with the title, with notes that do not fall from 9 at any time. For example, Nintendo Life gives you just this note, a 9, which adds that “it is a title that will not disappoint fans of the series, especially those who loved the original for Wii (or its version for New 3DS).” It has a new character roster a new world, with fresh and innovative ideas, but it’s still all mu familiar. “It’s MonolithSoft doing what he knows best.”

Others, like Nintendo World report go one step further and with their 95 declare that “‘ Xenoblade Chronicles 2 ‘ is one of the best JRPG of the generation and perhaps of all times.” Feel a Switch precedent that I doubt that will reach again, unless of course it is that MonolithSoft take a ‘ Xenoblade Chronicles X 2 ‘ before the generation is finished

Others have not been so benevolent. Sites like GameCrate and Stevivor qualify him with a 6 ‘ 5 and qualify him as “for a fan of Xenoblade like me, it is a disappointment.” It’s a frustrating but addictive disaster and it’s a game that only the most passionate lovers of the JRPG will enjoy, respectively.

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